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Welcome to Country in Barngarla


Ngarinyalboo nagoodoo Barngarla mirinya yoorari yarda malboo. 

We know Barngarla native  people  country  owner. i.e. 'We acknowledge and respect the Barngarla people as the traditional custodians of the ancestral lands.'


Ngarinyalboo nagoodoo Barngarla yoorari yarda wardana indoo. 

We know Barngarla native people country sea same. i.e. 'We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Barngarla people to the country and the sea.'

Whyalla, 17 July 2012

Galinyala (Port Lincoln), 2013

Ganana Boori (Winter’s Hill), Galinyala (Port Lincoln),

18-20 April 2012


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