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Robert Wilton


Robert Wilton, an Adnyamathana man related to the Barngarla people

Born in 1942 into the Adnyamathanha ('rock people') tribe, Robert Wilton is related to the Barngarla people: After meeting his wife, Pamela Richards, Rob learned some Barngarla from her and from over 50 elders of the community.

After Pamela and the Barngarla elders he knew passed away, Robert could no longer speak the language. However, he now enjoys learning Barngarla again along with his son and two daughters.

Despite numerous linguistic differences, Barngarla people could somehow communicate with Adnyamathanha people because both languages belong to the Thura-Yura family. 

Today, knowledge about these differences are not only enabling Robert to re-learn Barngarla, but also to contribute to its historic reclamation. 

Robert has been attending language reclamation workshops since 2012. To him, the greatest benefit is finally getting to speak in the language he shared with his late wife, using this to reconnect with Pamela and her heritage.


L-R: Robert Wilton and Ghil'ad Zuckermann (the latter with the former's hat)

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